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Lifting Techniques
Lifting Techniques



Vital Lever Blocks VR2

Vital Lever Blocks VR-2 Series
HEAVY DUTY lever blocks that are extremely sturdy, highly versatile tools suitable for a multitude of lifting pulling, tensioning and securing applications. Used extensively in shipbuilding, mining, forestry, power transmission, construction etc.


  • Made in Japan from optimum high quality steel to conform to the strict J.I.S and I.S.O regulations.
  • Vital have been manufacturing lever blocks since 1933 and is recognised globally.
  • Special underground mining model.
  • Hardened all steel construction.
  • Easy two step operation ensures against accidental free wheeling.
  • Harden special alloy steel load chain with embossed identification marking relevant standards.
  • Fitted with Grade 100 load chain.

Optional Extra

Vital Lever Blocks can now be fitted with overload protection.

Additional Information

Pacific Hoists would like to take this opportunity to advise users of the more popular “free-wheeling” type lever blocks that there is usually a minimum load requirement to ensure that the braking system remains operative and continues to support the load. In most cases, this minimum load requirement can be up to 10% of the Working Load Limit of the lever block – i.e. 150kg for a 1.5 Tonne Lever Block, 300kg for a 3 Tonne unit etc.

There is a possibility that should the load not be sufficient to activate the braking system that the unit could malfunction and it is for this reason that free-wheeling type lever blocks should not be used in tandem. Should one of the units being used as a pair take an increase in the shared load and the other’s is reduced to below the minimum as stated above, then the one with the reduced share of the load may suffer from an inoperative brake and the load could fall.

Pacific Hoists Pty Ltd markets 2 types of Vital Lever Block. The NR type has a “free-wheeling” braking system which falls into the above category and the VR type which has a “lock-in and lock-out” braking system. The Vital NR lever block is ideal for use where fast, one-handed operation of the free-wheeling system is required.

The Vital VR lever block is the more traditional style with a free-wheeling system requiring the disengagement of the gear drive mechanism, something that is impossible with any load suspended on it. Pacific Hoists Pty Ltd advise that both models comply with relevant Australian Standards. 

PDF  Download Dimensions & Specifications Here

Lifting Techniques
Lifting and Materials Handling Equipment

Our range of lifting and materials handling equipment is extensive - including Jib Cranes, Electric Chain Hoists, Air Hoists, Chain and Lever Blocks, Trolleys and Clamps, Magnetic Lifters, Winches and more.

Data Pro

The DataPro42 is an electronic device which has been developed in response to the requirements of AS2550.  The device ensures that the owners of new wire rope hoists or hoists that have been re-certified for continued safe use can achieve the maximum design life from their equipment by electronically storing all utilisation into memory within the device for future retrieval.

Machinery and Equipment Pre Start System

This system allows the owner to take control of who is authorised to use or operate equipment which may require owner specific or site specific pre-starting procedures, training or authorisation before it can be used or operated.