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Lifting Techniques
Lifting Techniques



JDN Controls

Rope Controls
Rope Control

This control type provides infinite speed control for hoist lifting and lowering, suitable for any required control length. The rope control option is available for all PROFi series hoists up to 25T capacity. For larger capacity PROFi series hoists 37Ti, 50Ti and 100Ti the rope is replaced by a chain for greater strength.



E Control
E - Control

The very robust brass construction distinguishes the e-type pendant valve. Low weight and ergonomic design ensure ease of handling. Only available in single speed control.



FI Control
FI - Control

The FI - Control provides precise infinitely variable speed control and the ergonomically designed synthetic housing ensures comforatble handling for the operator. The use of corrosion resistant materials makes it suitable for use in aggressive atmospheres, with the control hoses enclosed in an outer sheath which protects them from external conditions.



F Control
F - Control

The F- control is manufactured from an unbreakable synthetic material, resistant to external conditions. The ergonomically designed housing ensures ease of handling. Up to 18 different control functions can be incorporated in a single pendant control e.g. Key switch, two stage travelling speed, klaxon or simultaneous control of two hoist motors.
As an option the F - control can also be delivered with infinitely variable speed control of hoisting and trolley travelling motions.



Winch Lever Control
JDN Winch Lever Control

With the hand lever control, loads can be moved safely in a precise manner and at variable speeds. The direction of movement of the lever corresponds to the direction of rotation of the rope drum. When released, the lever returns automatically to the centre position.




Features and OptionsFeatures & Options

Controls for JDN air hoists in motor trolley and JDN monorail hoists

For controlling JDN air hoists with motorised trolleys and JDN monorail hoists we recommend the four button version E or F - Control. The rope control option is also available.

Controls For JDN Air Winches

JDN winches are easy to operate, with an infinitely variable speed lever type control at the winch, or via a two button version E - Control, or the twin lever FI - type pendant control. As an added safety feature the controls are available with a main air emergency shut off valve.

Controls For JDN Air Cranes

For controlling JDN air cranes the F - Control is the most suitable due to it’s multi-function capability.

Operating Convenience Via Radio Control

To overcome excessive distances between operator and crane, or to use hoisting equipment in remote areas, the JDN Radio Control offers a convenient and safe alternative to other control types. The JDN Radio Control is also available in explosion proof design.





Lifting Techniques
Lifting and Materials Handling Equipment

Our range of lifting and materials handling equipment is extensive - including Jib Cranes, Electric Chain Hoists, Air Hoists, Chain and Lever Blocks, Trolleys and Clamps, Magnetic Lifters, Winches and more.

Data Pro

The DataPro42 is an electronic device which has been developed in response to the requirements of AS2550.  The device ensures that the owners of new wire rope hoists or hoists that have been re-certified for continued safe use can achieve the maximum design life from their equipment by electronically storing all utilisation into memory within the device for future retrieval.

Machinery and Equipment Pre Start System

This system allows the owner to take control of who is authorised to use or operate equipment which may require owner specific or site specific pre-starting procedures, training or authorisation before it can be used or operated.