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Lifting Techniques
Lifting Techniques



JDN Big Bag Handling Air Hoists
For Big Bag Handling J.D. Neuhaus offers innovative design solutions to meet the special requirements for these applications. Available in capacities of 1000kg and 2000kg with an air pressure of 6 bar. Also available with one or two hooks.

JDN Big Bag Handling Air Hoists


  • Particularly suited for use as big bag handling.
  • Compact modern, low headroom design.
  • Suitable for use as a synchronised hoist in twin-hook design.
  • The use of JDN standard components guarantees reliable operation and cost effective manufacture.
  • No additional motor lubrication required.
  • Small number of maintenance/wear free moving parts.
  • Chain bucket included as standard.
  • Suitable for a wide variety of beam sizes/ profiles, with hook centres to suit your requirements.


Application 1Big Bag Handling System with 2 JDN (Air Hoists) PROFi 2 Ti in Motor Trolley for operation in Zone 1.

Important in this case was that the PROFis are suitable for oil-free operation.



PDF  Download Dimensions & Specifications Here

Lifting Techniques
Lifting and Materials Handling Equipment

Our range of lifting and materials handling equipment is extensive - including Jib Cranes, Electric Chain Hoists, Air Hoists, Chain and Lever Blocks, Trolleys and Clamps, Magnetic Lifters, Winches and more.

Data Pro

The DataPro42 is an electronic device which has been developed in response to the requirements of AS2550.  The device ensures that the owners of new wire rope hoists or hoists that have been re-certified for continued safe use can achieve the maximum design life from their equipment by electronically storing all utilisation into memory within the device for future retrieval.

Machinery and Equipment Pre Start System

This system allows the owner to take control of who is authorised to use or operate equipment which may require owner specific or site specific pre-starting procedures, training or authorisation before it can be used or operated.